Top 8 online business ideas for making money online


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Top 8 online business ideas for making money online

Are you looking for new online business ideas to make extra money? Or even wanting to create an online business to have extra income on the side, or even to replace your current full time job?

The internet offers a lot of different opportunities to making money online which could create a more fulfilling career that you enjoy doing, and give you more time freedom to enjoy the better things in life than sitting at a 9 – 5 job.

Taking the leap and starting your own online business is not always easy, and it will take some hard work, but it can be incredibly rewarding and a lot more fulfilling than working for someone else… So, if you have a dream, get started now and make your dream a reality.

But, first…

Why start making money online?

The online world is always changing, but it’s also always growing (statistics on Statista), so it’s a great place to come up with new business ideas and start your own online business. Ultimately, making money online lets you take charge of your financial future, time management, and simply let’s you do what you love.

Some compelling reasons to get your online business ideas going are lower costs, flexibility, growth and scalability, reach a global market and more… Making money online is an attractive option for several reasons.

Online business ideas for making money online

Below, I am only going to list online business ideas that I believe are worth looking into, as you do get a lot of mundane jobs that don’t require any skills, and I don’t believe those online jobs are enjoyable for a long time, and might not even be here soon because of artificial intelligence. I will only list the online jobs that I believe will have longevity, and will be more rewarding to turn into a full time career.

I’ve have NOT included online jobs such as voice-overs, online surveys, transcribing or any of the other jobs which will be boring after 1 months work and possibly not be here in a little while because of artificial intelligence. I am also not a fan of dropshipping, you can read more here.

I want you to build a business that you will enjoy and be proud of!

Start a blog and make money from it

Start a Blog -

Starting a blog can be a good way to make money online… Although it might be more of a long game to making money online, as you need to have a good amount of traffic visiting your blog before you’re able to nicely monetize your blog and make money from it.

To get good organic traffic to your blog you need to know a decent amount of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies or techniques and some decent writing skills.

A blog can be a lot more work upfront before you actually start making money from it, because it can take a while for Google to index your posts and start ranking you in the search results.

Start an Affiliate Marketing business

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, it’s also very popular because you don’t need to own or maintain your own digital products, but you can promote and earn from product or services that already exist and are already popular.

How it works: You apply to become an affiliate for a company that sells products or services… This means you will receive a url with your unique code in it, such as ““. The company can then track how many customers you send to them, as the code in the url tells the company that the customer was sent to them by you. If/When the customer purchases their product, your code is attached to that purchase, and so the company will then pay you a commission for sending that customer and generating that sale.

An affiliate marketing business is an excellent way to make money online if you’re an influencer or a content creators, you have a blog with good organic traffic, or you create digital products/courses and can recommend other products within your products or services.

Create and Sell Digital Products

Create and Sell Digital Products

Creating your own digital products and starting your journey into the world of online entrepreneurship is exciting for designers, developers, writers, film students or anyone that can craft a digital product themselves or get someone else to create it for them. This can involve writing, coding, designing, or recording, depending on your chosen product.

Once you have your product, there are many ways to offer it out and let customers download or access your products from your own eCommerce store or using another payment platform specifically designed for digital products. Digital products can come in the form of e-books, phone apps, web products, software, online courses, digital design or art, and many many more.

Create and Sell Online Courses

Create and Sell Online Courses

Creating your own online course can be a very rewarding and profitable endeavor to making money online, as it lets you share your knowledge and expertise with a wide audience. This form of a digital product will take a while to complete as it takes a lot of planning and preparation when sectioning your course into different chapters or modules so that it’s easier for your students to go through, and for you to update later, should you need to.

Once you have created an online course of your own, it’ll then require some good marketing skills or social media skills to get traffic to your website where you’re selling your course. You can also use platforms like Udemy or Coursera to sell your online courses, in which they will bring lots of traffic to you, but they will also take a chunk of the earnings.

Offer Online Coaching & Consulting

Offer Online Coaching and Consulting

Starting an online coaching and consulting business involves a few key steps. Once you know your niche and what you will be coaching and advising people on, then, set up your online presence and use it to explain exactly what you will be helping people with and why your services are worth paying for.

Coaching and consulting might take a little longer to gain traction and to earn trust with potential clients, so with a coaching business, testimonials are important and explaining exactly what a customer will get when booking an online call.

Your marketing skills will also be an important one here. Set clear prices, get testimonials, and establish trust. When you’re ready, launch your business and use the best tools to connect with clients, and make sure you’re always learning and improving.

Start an online Ecommerce Store

Start an eCommerce online store

Do you have tangible or digital products that you can sell online in an eCommerce store? Then this is for you. There are many ways you can go about this like building your own WooCommerce store, creating a store on Shopify or selling your products on a platform like Etsy, Creative Market or one of the many others.

Getting set up with an online store is not too complicated nowadays, but getting traffic to your store is what takes more marketing skills through social media, emails, or online ads.

Become an SEO Specialist

Start an SEO company

Starting a Search Engine Optimization company of your own might take a bit of time learning new skills, but it can be a very lucrative business where your clients will pay monthly retainers for your services. Although it is a very competitive business nowadays, running an SEO company can be very enjoyable, and with the help of AI it is now getting easier and easier.

Seo can be quite broad and you can branch into running social accounts for the companies you work with, as it goes well with running an SEO company.

Become a Website Developer (without coding)

Become a website developer (no code)

Building a website using custom code is definitely a thing of the past, unless a custom solution is required, nowadays there are lots of no-code website builders available to build any sort of website. You can easily learn some of these platforms like WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Framer and many more, and offer a website building service to clients who needs a website.

These website builders are very powerful and make it super easy to get an website, blog or eCommerce store up and running in a decent amount of time.

Become a YouTuber

Start a YouTube Channel

While it might not be very easy and may be slow starting out, building up a YouTube channel can be an exciting adventure, and very rewarding in the long run. First, pick something you’re really passionate about, like cooking, gaming, or beauty tips, business, or any niche you think you’ll be good at.

Once you’ve decided on your niche, research your audience. Who exactly is interested in what you have to share? What kind of videos do they like? Planning your content is crucial. Don’t worry too much about fancy equipment or posting pro videos at the beginning. A smartphone with a good camera is often enough. As you grow, you can invest in better gear and you will only get better and better.

Respond to comments, engage with your viewers, and collaborate with other YouTubers in your niche. Building a community around your channel is key to success. And remember, it might take time to get a lot of subscribers, so stay consistent, be patient, and enjoy the journey!

Strategies to get you started

When starting your online business and going through all the ideas I’ve mentioned above, it’s crucial to first decide which option best suits your interests and skills, or skills you’re interested in learning.

Do thorough research into the chosen industry to ensure it will be something you can do, and start to plan out how you’ll go about getting started and what your first MVP strategies are… Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part!

Also, understand that success in a new business usually doesn’t come overnight. There are no quick fixes or guaranteed get-rich-quick solutions. Building a sustainable business requires patience, persistence, and a longer-term approach.

Be prepared to invest time and effort into developing your products, understanding your audience, and refining your strategies over time. This dedication will help lay a solid foundation for your business and increase your chances of long-term success.


The realm of online business presents a wide range of opportunities for anyone eager to build an online presence.

Whether you are driven by a passion for blogging, affiliate marketing, creating digital products, teaching through online courses, running an e-commerce store, etc, each path offers unique challenges and rewards in their own way.

It is best to choose a path that aligns with your skills and interests, and I always recommend dedicating yourself to continuous learning and improvement.

Remember, the journey to establishing a successful online business may require hard work and consistency, but with the right approach and mindset, it can lead to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

So… if you don’t jump. you won’t fly!
Get started building your online business now!

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