Hey! I’m Zack… A creator, developer and business owner from Cape Town, South Africa.

I love building digital things…

My Experience

Over 15 years ago I studied a short web design course, which covered 2 weeks of coding just because the lecturer decided on his own to include it… I was hooked!

That is the part of the whole course that I enjoyed the most!

So, from there it was self-studying and jumping in the deep end and learning as I go.

It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy but eventually I got over the learning curve of coding, and then it all clicked!

I have invested a lot into my learning (exact amount coming, some time)

I’ve built many, many client websites… And selectively still do.

My passion is in building custom digital products, WordPress themes and plugins, phone apps, chrome extensions.

I always support the products I create.

I’ve mostly through online courses (free and paid) and I’ve learnt a lot through failing and succeeding.

Thank goodness for the products that did take off, which have enabled my to keep learning and working for myself!

Why the blog?

I decided to start a “guide to online business” blog because I have realized that I have a wealth of online experience that should not stay bottled up when it could be used to help others.

Also, I’ve recently discovered a new interest in writing, which has become an unexpected yet passionate outlet for my thoughts and ideas, and an enjoyment in teaching people what I know.

It’s also very fulfilling to see someone else succeed with my help, and there’s something really cool about the autonomy and opportunities within the online world.

This blog is not just a platform for me to share my knowledge but also a personal journey where I can improve and enjoy my writing. It’s a space where my experiences, skills, and interests combine to create something valuable for myself and others.

When I’m not working

When not working, you’ll find me having good times with friends or spending quality time with my family, otherwise, I’ll be out in nature running long trails or searching for the perfect wave.

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