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Learn Launch Lead - 5 day digital marketing challenge: Legendary Marketer full review - zackaira.com

Are you looking to grow your current business and attract more customers?

Or have you been hearing a lot about digital marketing lately, and seeing people offering to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing?

As someone who’s been in the online world and doing affiliate marketing for over 10+ years, I want to help you understand exactly what to expect when you sign up for the Learn Launch Lead online course which is the Legendary Marketer 5-Day Challenge.

I worked for Legendary Marketer before leaving to travel Indonesia for 3 months, so let’s call it a full review of Legendary Marketer as a company, and the products they offer to teach you digital marketing, from an inside view.

Out with the old: the $7 challenge by Legendary Marketer

The Legendary Marketer 15-Day Challenge was a moderately fast-paced program designed to help you generate traffic and leads for your current business, or if you don’t have an online business, it taught you about the online world and how to start an affiliate marketing business.

Created by David Sharpe, the 15-Day Challenge would help you to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which is important when starting your own business, and in the challenge you’d learn about sales funnels, how to set them up, and how to choose a niche and create a business plan around it.

The challenge provided step-by-step training videos by Dave Sharp himself, give you access to sales funnel templates, email templates, and other helpful resources to guide you through your online marketing journey. You would also need to set up a call with a Business Plan Advisor who helps you through the challenge and clarifies any questions you might have when starting your own business.

As of May 2024, the 15-Day Challenge is now the old challenge and no longer promoted. Legendary Marketer, who are a company that keeps up to date with the fast-paced online world, has now created a new, fresh 5-Day challenge to help you learn digital market. It’s called the Learn Launch Lead 5-Day Challenge by Legendary Marketer.

In with the New: Legendary Marketer Learn Launch Lead 5-Day Challenge

Legendary Marketer - Learn Launch Lead - 5-Day Challenge

The launch of the new 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge is very exciting for anyone starting an online business. It’s a new, thorough and relevant online training that offers all the latest strategies and tactics for launching your new or current business in the online world.

It costs a one-time fee of $5 for the training!

Whether you’re a complete beginner starting from scratch, or have some experience with digital marketing, I’m very sure the 5-Day Challenge will spark some new ideas in you, it’ll really make you think, and it’ll get you excited to unlock your full potential and launch your business online.

What exactly is the Legendary Marketer 5-Day Challenge?

The 5-Day Learn Launch Lead challenge will do exactly as it’s named… Learn the needed skills, Launch your online business, and Lead with confidence.

The course will cover all the essential aspects needed in digital marketing, from finding and selecting your niche, to building your sales funnel and creating content and learning lead generation.

As mentioned above, the program is tailored for beginners and intermediate marketers looking to establish a strong foundation online. Each day of the challenge will focus on a specific theme, with detailed video lessons or tutorials, some practical assignments to get started, and included are some valuable resources and bonuses you can use in the process of launching your business.

Who Should Take the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge and Learn Digital Marketing?

This Learn Launch Lead challenge is going to teach you skills that you can apply to pretty much any business nowadays, you will learn skills like:

  • How to sell products or services online
  • Learn affiliate marketing to promote other companies products and earn commissions
  • Promote yourself or your current business online and generate new leads or customers
  • learning email marketing to generate more traffic or leads to new products

I encourage anyone and everyone to give this course a try… It’s $5, what do you have to lose?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced digital marketer, this 5-Day challenge will have something new for you to learn.

Choose Your Route: Advisor Led vs Self Led

In the older “$7 Business Builder Challenge” you had to book a call on Day 3 to proceed to Day 4, this was so that the business advisor could make sure you were understanding everything as you go through the course.

In the new 5-Day Challenge, you’ll be presented with the choice to choose between an Advisor Led option OR a Self Led option. Either do this on your own, or have an advisor help you through the challenge and answer any questions.

I’d definitely suggest selecting the Advisor Led option, as you’ll receive dedicated support from a business advisor who will guide you through the challenge, answer any questions you may have, and offer personalized feedback on your progress.

Having a business advisor to meet with also holds you accountable to show up to the next meeting, and to progress further in a timely manner, and they will then be available for questions throughout your journey going forward!

Learn Launch Lead: The 5-Day Challenge Overview

Below I’m going to give you a thorough overview on what to expect in the 5 Day curriculum

Day 1: Learn: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Legendary Marketer - Learn Digital Marketing - zackaira.com

On Day 1 you will learn the following:

  • Learn about Legendary’s core four business models of digital marketing
  • Learn about sales funnels and how they work
  • Discover how to select a niche

Extras: View Legendary Marketers list of popular niches, join the WUL episodes for inspiration and listen to previous digital marketers learning from Legendary Marketer, get free ClickFunnels templates, book a call with a business plan advisor.

If self-led, you can always switch over to the advisor-led route.

Day 2: Launch: With a Focus on Content

Legendary Marketer - Launch with a focus on content - zackaira.com

Day 2 you will learn about:

  • Explore some quick launch strategies
  • Learn about content creation and faceless content marketing
  • Get your first piece of content published

Extras: Book a call with a business plan advisor if you have any questions or there is something you’re not quite understanding.

Day 3: Lead: With Confidence

Legendary Marketer - Lead with Confidence - zackaira.com

Day 3 will dive into these points:

  • Learn personal branding and how to be the face of your business
  • Create engaging video content to post to your socials
  • Learn some great content strategies

Extras: Get access to Legendary’s 50 Free proven hooks to target your ideal audience, book a call with a business plan advisor.

Day 4: Learn The Entrepreneur Mindset

Legendary Marketer - The Entrepreneur Mindset - zackaira.com

You’ll learn the entrepreneur mindset on Day 4:

  • Understand some key elements of successful entrepreneurship
  • Learn the mindset to help you thrive in business
  • Explore your limiting beliefs and overcome some mental roadblocks

Extras: Fill out a Clarity Process Questionnaire, read a recommended book for business mindset.

Day 5: Your Business Plan Class

Legendary Marketer - The Business Plan Class - zackaira.com

On Day 5 of Learn Launch Lead, the course will take you through:

  • Creating your own business plan to guide your new business
  • Gaining clarity on your new business goals and how to set out achieving them
  • Learning how to track and measure your leads and customers

Extras: Get bonus scripts and templates for you to use, submit and go through your business plan with an advisor.

Receive Exclusive Bonuses to Enhance your Learning Experience

Alongside the core training, the Legendary Marketer 5-Day Challenge offers several extra bonuses to further support you on your new entrepreneurial journey:

Legendary Marketer - Learn Launch Lead - Exclusive Bonuses

So for $5 you’ll receive 5 days of video training plus:

1. A Business Plan Advisor: Your own BPA to guide you through the challenge and answer any questions you may have.

2. Your own Customized Business Plan: You’ll choose a niche and create a business plan on how you’re going to find your target audience and funnel them into your business. Your own step-by-step plan to launching your online business.

3. High-Converting Sales Funnel Templates: Get access to tried and tested sales funnel templates that you can import directly into your own sales funnel builder.

4. Automated Email Templates: Get access to Dave Sharpe’s expertly crafted email templates. Use them and make them your own to build trust with leads, deliver value to them, and convert your leads into customers.

5. Facebook Ad Templates: Get plug-and-play Facebook ad templates to start running your own paid advertising campaigns.

6. Video Content Creation Guide: Learn how to quickly create engaging short-form videos (7-15 seconds) to connect with your audience and build your brand.

7. Bridge Page Video Script: Not sure where to start with a video for your bridge page? Overcome this with a done-for-you script that you can use to gain trust and build rapport with your new leads.

All that for only $5… Once you finish the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead challenge, you can take everything you’ve learned and received from their powerful training and launch your business on your own, OR you can explore other options that Legendary Marketer have to help coach and support you every step of the way!

Pros of taking the Legendary Marketer 5-Day Challenge

I’ve gone through the Learn Launch Lead challenge myself when working at Legendary Marketer!

I’ve worked at Legendary Marketer as a Business Plan Advisor, helping new students to get started with their online business!

So, I can very confidently list a few of what I think are the pro’s of going through the challenge and making use of the education that Legendary Marketer provides.

Low-risk with incredible value: Once you get started you’ll see the incredible amount of value you receive for only $5. You’re also learning online skills that you’ll apply using devices that you already have like your phone or a laptop.

Great Support and Accountability: Legendary Marketer as a company have created different forms of support to help you along the way, while creating a success of your business requires work, having great support to ask questions and learn more as you go is extremely valuable.

Life can be busy and learning new skills can also be daunting, and that is where going through the challenge day by day and having a business advisor is another way to help you make sure you progress and get things done.

A Focus on Skill Development: Legendary Marketer are focused on you learning these online skills and applying them to your business. It’s mentioned many times that these are skills that every business owner should learn, whether it’s at Legendary or not!

Step-by-Step Guidance: While these are skills that you can learn in other places, Legendary Marketer offers all of this in one place with a clear path to launching your business online. Dave Sharpe is an experienced internet marketer and speaker, and it shows in the quality of his video lessons and in the value he provides.

Cons of taking the Learn Launch Lead Challenge

To be honest, there aren’t any cons… Legendary Marketer are a private education company that offers top quality education in learning digital marketing. They have been listed twice on Inc. 5000 as the fastest growing private education company.

Take the chance to learn something new, and if it’s not for you then that is perfectly fine.

If it’s not for you then Legendary Marketer offer a “RISK-FREE EXPLORATION – 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE“, so you can always get your money back if it’s not for you!

Legendary Marketer - 30 day money back guarantee

What have you got to lose?

A bit about Legendary Marketer as a company

Legendary Marketer - Online education delivered simply and with integrity

Legendary Marketer was founded in 2017 as an online education platform, teaching people how to start and grow their own online business.

The company focuses main on teaching how to generate leads or traffic to your business, how to build yourself a sales funnel to capture your leads, and then convert your new leads into customers.

Legendary also teach you the core four business models for selling your own digital products, offering online coaching & consulting, and hosting events and masterminds, and if you don’t have your own products or services yet, then how to do affiliate marketing and promote other products and earn commissions.

You’ll also learn a other valuable skills like taking on an entrepreneur mindset and applying it in your business, email marketing, copywriting, basic video editing, paid advertising and more.

The Mission of Legendary Marketer:

To Help People Start An Online Business Or Grow An Existing Business By Learning Cutting Edge Sales, Marketing and Management Strategies.

Some of Legendary Marketers core beliefs:

  • There are no magic pills. Only hard work, consistency and commitment will get you what you want in life, and in business.
  • Inner-peace is a huge part of success, not just the number in your bank account.
  • Doing something you love and feel passionate about is no longer a fantasy, but a reality.
  • That education doesn’t have to be hard – or boring – or confusing – and there is no one way to learn. Learning is a constant evolving process of getting new information and testing it in real life situations.

I can also honestly say that, as a past employee, I’ve seen the internal working of the company and the main aim of the company is to help people get excited to start their online business, work hard, and succeed doing it!

Who is Dave Sharpe?

Legendary Marketer - Dave Sharpe

Dave Sharpe is a well-known online guru in the internet marketing world. He’s recognized for his internet marketing expertise and successful online business ventures, most notably his company, Legendary Marketer.

Dave openly and happily shares his inspiring rags-to-riches story. After not fitting in and running away from home and becoming a teenage father, he faced significant challenges, including drug addiction in his early 20s. Despite all these obstacles, Dave turned his life around, teaching himself digital marketing.

His determination and skill led him to build multiple successful online businesses, establishing him as a prominent figure in the internet marketing world. Dave Sharpe has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Dave is someone who really looks after his employees well and rewards them well for doing a good job. He also very often hold internal company Zoom calls to motivate his employees to give new members the best service that they can and to really help make sure they understand everything when going through the course.

Another observation as a past employee… Dave is truly dedicated to taking great care of his team. He consistently offers valuable business advice and encourages everyone to reach their full potential. Dave frequently holds internal Zoom calls to motivate his employees, emphasizing the importance of providing exceptional service and support to new members as they navigate through the challenge.

Is Legendary Marketer legit?


I’ve worked at Legendary Marketer and can tell you that they are 100% genuine in offering you very valuable online skills that any business nowadays should know, and should apply to their business!

There have been some people that take the challenge and go in thinking it’s a get-rich-quick scheme or an MLM type business… It’s not!

Legendary Marketer are very upfront that this is hard work and results require consistent effort over time, as with starting most businesses. They also have some great reviews online to prove that Legendary as a company is legit.

Legendary Marketer - Trust Pilot Reviews - Learn Launch Lead

If you are skeptical, I’d suggest you sign up for the $5 and take the business advisor-led route, and then ask the business advisor any questions to have about being skeptical, or just ask anything you want to understand. If you don’t find value in it you can always get your $5 back with their 30 day refund policy.

So, you literally have nothing to lose!

Common FAQ’s on Legendary Marketer

Here are some common questions that would come up when I was a Business Plan Advisor for Legendary Marketer. I’ll answer them here as best as I can.

What if I’m new to all of this and have ZERO Experience?

Not a problem at all, this course is designed for all levels.

The key word is the first word of the course name: Learn Launch Lead

I’d been doing affiliate marketing for over 10+ years before learning about Legendary Marketer, and I still leart a few valuable things when I went through the 15 day challenge.

I often used to tell people “the hardest part is just getting started !“… So just jump in, be excited to learn and implement new skills and get going!

How long will it take to be successful and make money?

My suggestion is to focus more on the new skills you’re learning and how you are going to apply them to your business.

There is no answer to if you will succeed or how fast you will succeed.

This business will take time, it will take work, and it will take consistency… Legendary provide you with the best support that they can to increase your success rate, but ultimately it’s up to you and how you will apply your new skills.

I recommend watching the interviews on the Wake Up Legendary episodes to hear how fast other people have done this and how they applied themselves.

Are there any hidden fees or unexpected charges?


The 5-Day Challenge only costs $5 to learn how to start your business. They do have other programs that you will learn about and can opt-in to if you choose to.

Through the challenge they will recommend services that you can use to build your sales funnel and manage your email marketing, but these services are external to Legendary Marketer, and most of them come with FREE trials so that you can setup your business and start running before you take on those costs, which are usually not very expensive.

Is this full-time? Or can I do it part-time?

The Learn Launch Lead course is a “5-Day challenge”, but if you have the free time, you can definitely do it within 1 or 2 days. Depending on how fast you absorb the course information, do the assignments and can book your next call with your business advisor.

The challenge is designed for you to do it part-time though, so if you have a full-time job but you are wanting to start your own business and need to work around your current job, you can take the challenge at your own pace, on your terms and you can book the business advisor calls for when it suits you.

Will Legendary Marketer make sure I succeed?

Legendary Marketer cannot guarantee your success, this is up to you and how you apply the new skills you’ll learn.

Although, Legendary Marketer have set up multiple forms of support and communities to try and increase your success rate as much as they can, and to help you in your journey on creating your own online business.

They are very clear on stating that if you are looking for any of the following, then this program IS NOT FOR YOU.

  • Looking for a get-rich-quick quick cash grab
  • A business scheme that involves no work or investment
  • Business tactics for overnight success

Instead, Legendary Marketer promise you “a well-documented and effective path that will catapult you toward launching your own business while still allowing you to be able to sleep at night with the knowledge you have created a legitimate, successful business you can be proud of”.

Any other questions? contact me at z[@]ckaira[dot]com and I can explain anything else you need to know.

Is the Learn Launch Lead Challenge Right for You? Conclusion:

All in all… Legendary Marketer provide you with a very low-cost introduction to starting your own online business. My best advice is to enroll now and take the 5-Day challenge to see if this is something you’re interested in.

From the value that you receive in the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead challenge, you’ll make the decision if the further education (called the Business Blueprints) is for you, and if you’re ready to start your own business.

Click here to join the Learn Launch Lead 5-day challenge and start your own business.

I hope this review has been in-depth enough to give you a good idea of Legendary Marketer as a company and the course the offer, and most importantly, to help you decide if this is a new venture you’re interested in!

Whichever online business path you choose, I wish you all the best!
Reach out to me if you have any questions.

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