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Top Custom Domain and Email Services -

Note: This post is talking about ONLY Domain and Email Services, WITHOUT website hosting.

When you have purchased a domain name with only email services, this means you have got your own personalized web address (e.g: ““), and you’re only using it for your professional email (e.g: “[email protected]“).

This way, you can have a custom email address and you can always add on website hosting at a later stage to build an online presence for yourself or your business.

When would you only need domain and email services?

There are quite a few situations where you may need custom domain and email services without having a full website hosting service. The main reason to have only the domain and email services is to have a professional email address, because you may not yet have a website for your online business, or your chosen website builder does not offer email services, or you simply just need a professional email as it does tend to have more trust with customers.

A few of the reasons you would only need domain and email services are:

  • You only need a professional email address
  • Your website platform does not offer email services
  • You’re redirecting your domain to other online platforms or social media profiles
  • Starting with a professional email with a website to come in the future

The best domain and email services

Below I’ve listed some of the best companies, that I recommend, to go with when you’re needing ONLY domain and email services for your online business. The reason that I say they are the best is because of their pricing, customer support and the simplicity of the services that they offer.


Namecheap has also become one of the largest domain registrars and web hosting providers in the world. This company is known for its emphasis on providing affordable domain registration services and web hosting solutions to help individuals and businesses get online.

They also offer various security-related services, including SSL certificates, domain privacy protection, WhoisGuard, and VPN services and more… All with competitive prices too and a very highly rated customer support team for if you run into any issues.

GoDaddy is a big player in the online game and one of the largest and most well-known domain registrars and web hosting providers in the world.

The company’s primary services include domain registration, website hosting, website building tools, and a variety of other online services aimed at helping individuals and businesses establish and maintain an online presence.

GoDaddy offers some of the most competitive prices when it comes to domain registration and web hosting, as well as other services such as email hosting, SSL certificates, website security, and online marketing tools.

When to purchase a domain with another hosting company

The simple answer is… If your chosen website hosting that offers domain and email services too, then it’s definitely better to have an all-in-one solution to domain, web hosting and email, and because you can manage it all within one control panel.


Most other hosting companies do offer email services with their website hosting packages, so use these features if you are only really looking to set yourself up with a professional email address or you are going to redirect your domain DNS to point to platforms for building funnels, or website builders that do not offer email services.

I recommend trying out either Namecheap or GoDaddy for domain and email services as my experience with these companies over the years has been very good. Enjoy!

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